Providing government relations and association management services in Maryland and Delaware


Legislative / Regulatory Services

  • Directly educate government officials about your issues. While most active during Session, effective lobbying requires year-round contact.
  • Monitor and report on legislative and regulatory issues. Provide written reports on the activities of the Maryland and Delaware Legislatures, Governor’s Office, and various government agencies based on client needs.
  • Coordinate legislative testimony before the legislature, committees, and regulatory agencies regarding bills and issues that affect client interest. Including testifying on the client’s behalf as well as scheduling and preparing others to testify.
  • Initiate legislation, research issues, draft legislation, secure legislative sponsors and advocate for successful passage of legislation.
  • Prior to the convening of session, meet with clients to more closely review issues and prioritize and develop strategies for passage or defeat of bills or budgetary issues of interest.
  • Attend in-house retreats or meeting for government affairs professionals as required by the client.
  • Regularly screen interim hearing schedules and executive branch agendas to learn of meeting and hearings on matters of interest.
  • Meet with key legislators and officials on matters that affect the client’s organization.
  • Participate in appropriate meetings and provide meeting space in our offices.
  • Monitor reports, periodicals, legislative reference and fiscal services documents to identify matters of interest.
  • File all required documents with the appropriate state ethics commission.
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Public Policy Services

  • Provide political and other analyses of factors that might affect pertinent legislative, administrative, and regulatory policies.
  • Meet regularly to discuss legislative positions and strategies.
  • Work to sustain an effective public policy program.
  • Assist in maintaining a grassroots lobbying effort by reporting at meetings, writing for publications and establishing a key contact system for each legislative district.
  • Work closely with and attend meetings of related associations to gain insight and information concerning pertinent issues at both the State and National levels.
  • Establish and maintain statewide network of interested parties keeping them informed and involved in pertinent legislative activities.
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Procurement Services

  • Assist and advise the client in state procurement policy and procedures.
  • Provide information on potential procurement opportunities early in the process.
  • Monitor for relevant RFPs.
  • Assist the client though the procurement process as issues arise.
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Association Management Services

  • Manage and maintain trade associations including:
    1. Financial record keeping
    2. Data base management
    3. Billing and dues collection
    4. Meeting planning
    5. Communications
    6. Continuing Education
    7. Guest speaker engagement
  • Plan and organize legislative events such as receptions and dinners.

“Chris demonstrates the right mix of effective relationship building and superior issue expertise. He represents the future of effective advocacy, where it is no longer enough to have a few well-placed contacts in an increasingly complex environment.”

Toni Bellissimo
Government Relations Director